About Us

Let's go out for a walk and meet some good art-works in Tokyo town.

This is a guide for ordinary art lovers
created by ordinary art lovers living in Tokyo.

Art Guide TOKYO is a web media portal introducing exhibitions, solo exhibitions,
and art events held in seven areas and other places in Tokyo.
We are going to explain to you like an ordinary art lover,
how fun and enjoyable it is to discover art-works.

We do not want esoteric art criticism, and we do not have restrictions about the genres
we introduce, such as paintings, sculptures, printmaking, videos and Japanese calligraphies.
No borders, at any times from the ancient past to the present will suffice.
Of course, it is of no matter if he/she is famous or unknown.

There is an idea that Art does not mean the artwork itself,
but something that occurs in your mind when you stand in front of the artwork.
We totally agree with this notion.
We would like to give you more useful information,
so that you have more opportunities to discover a plethora of good artworks.

Think of us on the morning of your holiday,
and check some information that we provide.
We are pleased if our information helped you find a good art work
to walk with, alone or with someone.

Art Guide TOKYO